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Flowed Meadow Trail Improvement, 2015

The Environmental Science Program spent a hot muggy day working on trail improvements at the Flowed Meadow Conservation Area in Auburndale. Thanks to John Menard, professional landscaper, who provided wheelbarrows, shovels, and valuable advice to the group during the day, and to Marc Welch, City Forester, for staging a couple of huge piles of wood chips for the day's work.

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Wood chips and wheelbarrows at start of work.

Students and staff prepare to move wood chips on to the trails.

Staniford Loop trail before improvement.

More trail with exposed roots and rocks.

Marcel loading the cart.

Annie moving chips onto the Swamp trail.

Students and staff raking and spreading chips on trail.

Going back up the hill for refills.

Working on the chip pile.

More raking and spreading.

Trail after improvement.

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